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A culinary journey through tribal lands

The Event

Som Chai, Will Meyrick’s restaurant, is introducing a series of cuisine culture collaborations: “A culinary journey through tribal lands”

Will Meyrick and Ben McRae are hosting events with other culinary stars from around the region for 2019.

A series of events on promoting the best of Asian food, modern and traditional.

As they say: “to embrace the future you must learn from the past”

Before they had to travel, Hmong tribes, a long time ago, led to the pickling, brining, and fermenting of a vast array of meats and vegetables in the name of preservation. Many of these techniques and ingredients remain essentially unchanged to this day.

This is why Som Chai is embarking on a different journey taking its grassroots of fundamental techniques of cooking with locally sourced, found and foraged ingredients taking you back to nature and traditional ways of cooking, featuring recipes from Will Meyrick travels collaborating chefs from around south East Asian

The renowned Chefs will kick off their first collaboration on 8th December show casing unique hill tribe, of northern Thailand, Vietnam, Yunnan and Laos, it has has been a longtime passion of Will Meyrick to understand how to preserve this culture. Everlasting passion starting in 1998 that he keeps by going there as often as he can. These stories and recipes are testifying the importance of preserving people and the culture.

Chef's Table dinners will be recurring events happening in Som Chai, under the influence of Will Meyrick. Menus will range from 5-7 courses that will change based on the ethnic tribes around Asia.

Special collaboration with David Metcalf

For the first dinner, on December 8th, Som Chai will focus on Hmong Hill Tribes. Will Meyrick and Dave Metcalf spent two weeks in North Vietnam in September 2018, visiting the Hmong Hill Tribes, travelling around the villages and markets sampling the delicious food, photographing the people and stunning landscapes.

Dave Metcalf is a professional photographer who specialises in indigenous photography and support indigenous programs in Indonesia to preserve the environment and culture.

Supporting Ethnic Communities

The proceeds of the dinner and 50% of the photographs sold will go to supporting impoverished ethnic communities around the region.

Join us for an evening to support this important project, fusing food and photography which shows you how cultures have come together and shaped one another.

There will be some of Dave’s and Will’s photography for sale on the night and 10% of the cost dinner will go to support Indigenous education, sustainable food production in Borneo and Mother Jungle story telling programs.

Will Meyrick

As a chef and lover of beautiful cuisine, Will Meyrick has always been intoxicated by the spices, flavours and textures of South East Asian food. Will enjoys travelling throughout the region, finding and meeting real people who produce food that really expresses the heart of their cultures. These experiences have been the influence of his 5 highly successful restaurants in Bali: Sarong, Mama San, Hujan Locale, Tiger Palm and Som Chai

Ben McRae

An accomplished award-winning chef, passionate about crafting innovative, balanced dishes, using the best the local region has to offer. He’s now collaborating with Will Meyrick as Executive Chef of Sarong Group.


Ticket price : 500k ++ per person.
Our drinks trolley will offer a selection of cocktails and wines to perfect your culinary experience

December 8th

+62 878.8866 1945

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Hotel Food, Restaurants, Best Food Trend, Food, Promo
Hotelier Indonesia

A Taste of Spain @ Yan Toh Heen With Premium Spanish Ingredients, Prepared Cantonese Style (November 19, 2018 – January 31, 2019)

Tags: Spain, Yan Toh Heen, Cantonese Cuisine, 2-Michelin star Cantonese restaurant, Michelin star dining, Michelin, InterContinental Hong Kong, Harbourview dining, Chinese Cuisine, Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star Cantonese restaurant, Harbourview restaurant

InterContinental Hong Kong's 2-Michelin star Yan Toh Heen presents a “Taste of Spain” from November 19, 2018 – January 31, 2019, with a special menu by Executive Chef Lau Yiu Fai featuring a new selection of Cantonese dishes with top quality ingredients from Spain, including Red Carabinero Shrimp from the Mediterranean Coast and Iberico Pork Cheek, prepared in traditional Chinese cooking styles.

Red Carabinero Prawns have a long history in the cuisine of Spain's coastal towns. Though associated with Andalusian food, this species actually stretches all the way up to Catalonia in the northeast Spain and is prevalent on Spain's Mediterranean coast.

Iberico Pork comes from black Iberico pigs, native to Spain's Iberian Peninsula, where they are feed acorns in the forest. Due to its unique taste, texture and flavour, it is often referred to as Wagyu of pork.

Chef Lau's Cantonese Menu with premium Spanish ingredients includes:
Pan-seared Dumplings with Spanish Pork and Black Peppercorns
Crispy Spanish Carabinero Shrimp and Turnip in Puff Pastry
Simmered Spanish Carabinero Shrimp with Chili Sauce and Egg
Stewed Spanish Pork Cheek with Preserved Vegetables in a Casserole
Stewed Spanish Sea Bass and Black Olives with Black Pepper Sauce in a Casserole
Wok-fried Spanish Pork Roll and White Asparagus with Spicy Sauce
Wok-fried Chicken Roll with Spanish Ham in Honey Sauce
Fried Rice with Spanish Carabinero Shrimp Roe with Air-dried Meat and Salty Egg

Click here for the “Taste of Spain, Cantonese Style” menu.

For reservations, please call (852) 2313 2323 or e-mail [email protected]

Yan Toh Heen is open daily for lunch and dinner.
InterContinental Hong Kong, Lower Level (Opposite Harbourside)

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Hotel Food, Restaurants, Best Food Trend, Food, Promo
Hotelier Indonesia

The 9th Edition of The Shopping Night Barcelona 2018 will take place on 22 November, featuring a platillo (small dishes) route and live music.

Tags: Christmas shopping, Gastronomy, Barcelona, tourism, nightlife

Barcelona, October 2018 - The Shopping Night Barcelona, Paseo de Gracia's landmark event, returns bigger than ever for its ninth edition on Thursday, November the 22nd, with the aim of rekindling the festive spirit so as to engage the general public, boost sales and help the event become the signal for the beginning of the Christmas campaign. Stores on Passeig de Gràcia and adjacent streets will offer an advance of Black Friday's special discounts. They will also decorate their shop windows and present various activities inside.

Promoted institutionally by the Associació del Passeig de Gràcia and with the support of the Barcelona City Council, the Shopping Night Barcelona 2018 will focus on four main areas: shopping, music, gastronomy and culture.

The biggest new development this year will be music, which will take over the street with seven stages at the crossings of Paseo de Gracia and Rosselló, Provença, Mallorca, Valencia, Aragó, Consell de Cent, Diputación and Gran Via. During the tour, the public will take a chronological journey through the history of music, from the 20s to the present: music from cinema, Cotton Club, the fifties, Latin rhythms, Guateque, pop rock, dance music with a DJ and a large graffiti mural. Each of these zones will host cultural and leisure activities related to the corresponding period.

Along with music, gastronomy - a cornerstone of the city's culture with more than 30 Michelin-starred restaurants and chefs - will play a leading role. Hotels and restaurants will join to offer a route of "platillos" inspired by the best Christmas cuisine with very affordable prices. For €7 (platillo with an Estrella Damm beer), you can taste traditional creations from renowned chefs such as Carme Ruscalleda(Mandarin Oriental, Barcelona) or Nandu Jubany (Majestic Hotel & Spa Barcelona) among others. Some of the confirmed establishments are: Hotel Alma, Cafe de la Pedrera, Hotel Casa Fuster, Hotel Claris, Hotel H10 Mimosa, LomoAlto, Hotel Monument, Restaurante Solomillo, Hotel The One Barcelona and Vinoteca Torres. The route will run for 4 days up to Sunday the 25th (special Christmas opening).

Global Partner: Estrella Damm

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