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Inspired by the yearlong trip abroad that brought 17th century intellectuals to Italy, a new tasting menu called the Grand Tour brings the culinary heritage of Italy’s most iconic cities to Bvlgari Hotel destinations around the world. The menu launched at Beijing’s Il Ristorante-Niko Romito on 16th March and will be available there for one month before moving on to Il Ristorante - Niko Romito in Shanghai, Dubai and Milan. Featuring modern takes on traditional recipes from Naples, Florence, Venice, Bologna, Rome and Palermo, it’s a tantalising journey told through each city’s most distinctive dishes.

Beginning March 23rd, a luxe new brunch menu will be available on Saturdays and Sundays. Inspired by Italy, dishes put a modern spin on traditional tastes.
Having opened just three months ago, Il Ristorante-Niko Romito has been announced the winner of a Michelin star. The great honour was presented in Shanghai, and solidifies the Hotel’s reputation as one of the city’s most exciting dining destinations. We look forward to seeing where the team will go from here—and hosting you next time you are in Shanghai.

For more information, please contact
Il Ristorante - Niko Romito at +86 (10) 8555 8555 or
email to [email protected]

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Hotel Food, Restaurants, Best Food Trend, Food, Promo
Hotelier Indonesia


Every culture has its culinary comfort zone, from the Cha Chaan Tengs of Hong Kong to Japan’s Izakaya and the Hanoks of South Korea, and now Billy Ho recreates this nurturing and indulgent atmosphere in the heart of Canggu, Bali. 

Although each culture is unique, at Billy Ho there is a similar and consistent philosophy of providing restoration of the soul through food, drinks and company. In many cultures, traditions in cuisine originate in the desire to take some time out from the craziness of life and simply enjoy the moment encapsulated in a meal. By elevating the epicurean experience to a reflective and peaceful experience, the enjoyment of a meal nourishes more than just the body.

In Hong Kong, the Cha Chaan Tengs are ‘retro-quirky’ or ‘old-school original’ places where the citizens go to find simplicity and respite from the manic bustle of the city. Traditionally they serve a curious mixture of ‘nursery noodle’ dishes, sweet milk toasts, and luncheon meats over macaroni. Pork buns and pineapple “bo lo yau” buns are also staple in these establishments served with cups of steaming milk tea.

In Japan, the Izakaya create a neighborhood hangout where friends congregate without agenda. Originating as far back as the late 19th century these communal neighborhood establishments provided a place for the growing population of working, or salary men to blow off steam before returning home to their families. The Izakaya serve traditional snacks such as sashimi, yakitori, grilled meat and seafood, salads, pickles, fried foods, regional delicacies, hot pot dishes, rice and noodle dishes, shared snack style at a sitting bar where conversation is not mandatory, but drinking is, although the more traditional bars have a time limit for customers, thoughtfully sending them home after two hours.
In South Korea many people like to spend their precious recreational time at teahouses, or Hanoks, where the architecture and atmosphere is central to the experience. Often an oasis of calm, the Hanoks’ shelves of ornaments, soft lighting and traditional music are popular with university students, writers and all who seek the delicacy of an ancient tea tradition. Healing teas like the five berry omijacha are coupled with tiny sweet morsels and patjuk, a bean and rice flour porridge known to clear the mind.
Billy Ho captures the essence of these gathering places, providing a calm and inviting atmosphere to kick back, forget the world outside and enjoy a meal and a few drinks away from Bali’s crowded streets. The restaurant offers a communal dining table and a 7-meter bar that sits before Canggu’s first ‘beer wall’, showcasing hand-crafted beer and the Billy Ho take on classic cocktails.

Slow, authentic and adventurous, combining grassroots sensibilities with a twist of inspiration best describes how Chef Tim Bartholomew likes to cook. Caring about food and produce at every point- from its origin and how it is stored and treated, to how it is cooked and prepared, Tim likes to share his vast knowledge in creating excellence in all aspects of his craft.

Chef Tim Bartholomew’s and Will Meyrick’s menu at Billy Ho is a unique and sophisticated take on the comfortable cuisine of Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea. Guests might begin with a selection of starters such as tuna sashimi with smoked chilli ginger flower and black tabiko and torched tokusen beef rump with fried garlic charred leek tare shoyu and salted egg yolk sauce before a special salad dish such as Korean style Ssam of smoked pork belly with pickled chilli mustard green, aged daikon, fresh lettuce, shiso leaf, 3 kinds of wild mint and wheat flour pancake or tuna tataki with green chilli koshu, pickled jalapeno, wasabi mayo and som saa dressing. Billy Ho offers a selection of roasted meats served with maderin pancakes or steamed boa”s such as roasted pork belly served with pickles kim chi and condiments and BBQ Peking duck served with choy sum and hoisin dressing whilst the Yakatori and grilled selection includes B.S. duck meat balls, yakitore sauce, shoyu and egg and octopus served with fermented chilli and kimchi cucumber. Main courses include twice cooked short rib beef with tamarind and homemade shrimp paste glaze, wok tossed wild mushroom salad and served with fiery nam prik gupi and grilled red miso grouper served with pickled red cabbage with green chilli cashew nuts and white miso crustacean sauce.

The space at Billy Ho has been beautifully designed by Rob Sample, with a high ceiling decorated with giant black bamboo. The wall behind the bar is created with coloured sirap wood whilst guests enjoy chairs made from local leather in the seating area, as well as wicker chairs, hand woven loom chairs and a tattoo-inspired feature mural showing native flowers, by local Canggu artist Ogud, well known for his work in Bali.

Billy Ho is the latest offering by master chef Will Meyrick, the genius behind some of Bali’s best and most authentic restaurants. Will is well-known across the country and one of the most respected maestros of the South-East Asian food scene. He continues to explore the culinary landscape of Asia, taking inspiration from the unique food culture of each destination. He can be found at street stalls, in neighborhood kitchens and backyards, at markets, getting off the beaten track to get to the heart of the dishes that move and shake him, tracking down the original recipes that are handed down through generations.

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Hotel Food, Restaurants, Best Food Trend, Food, Promo

Karma Kandara’s Executive Chef, Joseph Antonishek is extremely excited to be bringing his international experience to the menus at DiMare and Karma Beach Club. Chef Joseph’s dedication to local ingredients and traditional Balinese cooking delivers hotel and restaurant guests extraordinary culinary experiences. Joseph has revamped the resort’s dining offerings, drawing upon their culinary influences to create bold flavours highlighted by the best in local produce.

With a career behind the stoves at some of LA’s hottest hotel restaurants including at the Mondrian Hotel and Raffles L’Ermitage, Joseph has found his calling in Bali, and Karma Kandara in particular

“I draw inspiration first and foremost from my team,” said Chef Joseph. “I work with an amazing group who are always teaching me about local ingredients, traditions and obscure dishes most people wouldn’t be aware of when traveling to Bali. I also find inspiration in travel, not only on the local street food level, but also throughout Asia. I find that most Asian cuisines are based on either seeds, roots or leaves and the cuisine of Indonesia is a complex balance of all three. I just love creating dishes that stay true to their Indonesian roots.”

A large part of that love is founded in the resort’s superb dining culture, both at the signature restaurant diMare and the Karma Beach Club. Joseph has created food experiences that raise the bar even higher and have guests returning time and again to try something fresh, new and exciting.

Guests enjoying the relaxed atmosphere at Karma Beach Club, the private beach at the bottom of the imposing cliffs at Karma Kandara, enjoy simple, light and fresh Mediterranean-style fare such as Grilled Octopus & Potato Salad; Salt Baked Whole Snapper to share; Wood Fired Oven Pizzas and Rolled Baklava with Coconut Gelato.

Karma Kandara’s magnificent DiMare restaurant delivers a European-Asian style, heavily influenced by local ingredients. Guests can feast on the incredible views as well as dishes such as Fermented Java Green Tea Salad; Roasted Duck Breast with Ubi Gratin and Dragonfruit Gastrique; Rack of Lamb with Ghee Carrot Puree, Petai and Fermented Black Garlic Jus; and Strawberries & Cream: compressed Bedugul Strawberries, Kemangi Ice Cream, Coconut Mousse with Strawberry Firecracker Sorbet.

Chef Joseph includes the usual suspects that that guests might expect whilst holidaying in Indonesia, such as nasi goreng and urab, but what sets these dishes apart is the unusual preparation his team has devised using local ingredients. Cuka is a handmade vinegar prepared by the family of one of Karma’s cooks and is used in making Scallop Ceviche with Torch Ginger Flower and Pomelo. Petai, also known as ‘stinky bean” is braised for hours in extra virgin olive oil with red bumbu and citrus before being served with grilled octopus. Almond, anise flavoured Kluwak is used as the base for Rawan - a famous Javanese soup and occasionally as an ice cream flavour. All of diMare’s ice cream is made from scratch in house.

At both Karma Beach and diMare, the Bar Manager/ Mixologist works closely with Chef Joseph in to inspire each other with ingredients and techniques for matching the flavours of drinks and food. Once a month the team expresses their creativity through either cuisine & wine or cuisine & cocktail dinners, pairing flavours expertly to create gastronomic experiences to savour and remember.


BACKGROUND ON KARMA KANDARAKarma Kandara is a multi-award winning 5-star resort of outstanding natural beauty with the most breathtaking view and enviable location in Bali. Situated atop a spectacular limestone cliff top overlooking the Indian Ocean, Karma Group’s flagship retreat features 54 private-pool villas, each blending traditional Balinese architecture with luxury amenities and offering exquisite views of tropical green and sea blue. Curving around the rooftop, our iconic, lantern-lit infinity pool appears to flow into the Indian Ocean.

To complement its luxury accommodations, Karma Kandara features a highly eclectic portfolio of public amenities and venues, each with its own distinct character. Our Bali spa resort destination boasts the Di Mare Restaurant with its gourmet fare and exceptional seafood, the Temple Lounge Rooftop Bar, which serves signature drinks with an intoxicating view and atmosphere, and our prize-winning Karma Spa & Wellness, a sanctuary for mind and body, all dramatically perched on rocky outcrops 85 meters high.

Karma has an inclinator to take guests down to Karma Beach Club Bali – listed as one of the world’s 50 best beach bars by CNN Traveler – where delectable canapes, signature cocktails, live music and white sands lapped by cobalt waters all await the visitor on their Bali vacation.

Karma Group is an award-winning international travel and lifestyle brand offering extraordinary experiences in the world’s most beautiful locations and is headed by Chairman and Founder, John Spence, former Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year and member of the judging panel for the Ernst & Young World Entrepreneur of the Year. John has been honored by being awarded the Edward P. Bass Honorary Fellowship at Yale in the Fall Semester of 2019 in the School of Architecture, marking the first time Yale has extended this to the same person more than once. He has also been awarded a Distinguished Visiting Fellowship at UCLA as well as working with students from the University of Pennsylvania to design a chateau development in Carcassonne. The Karma Group is comprised of Karma Resorts, Karma Retreats, Karma Royal, Karma Estates, Karma Beach, Karma Spa and Karma Boutique. The Group is currently operating 33 resorts in more than 10 countries, including Australia, France, Germany, Greece, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and the United Kingdom. There are currently five properties in development and the Group is negotiating three separate acquisitions in Scotland (a golf resort), Cyprus, and Bulgaria. In 2016, Karma group and Sanctum Hotel Group announced a joint venture to develop a series of authentic rock ‘n’ roll styled and orientated hotels in strategic locations around the world, accompanied by an exclusive private membership club, now with over 85,000 members. In 2017, Karma were awarded the contract to manage and develop the golf course on Rottnest Island in Western Australia and in Greece, RCI, the worldwide leader in vacation exchange, selected Karma Group to manage its operations in the Greek market whilst redevelopment began on Karma Minoan in Crete. Karma Group is a sponsor of the England Rugby 7’s team through the 2017/18 season, the Commonwealth Games and the 2018 Rugby World Cup 7’s in San Francisco as well as the Rosslyn Park HSBC National Schools Sevens, the world's largest school rugby tournament. Karma Group recently invested in its first racehorse with a view to future expansion of its stable.

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Hotel Food, Restaurants, Best Food Trend, Food, Promo
Hotelier Indonesia


1st March 2019 - Belmond invites guests to sample a new world of flavours with vegan experiences for culinary connoisseurs seeking ‘healthy indulgence’.

From Venice to Africa, gastronomic delights only available with Belmond include, Raymond Blanc OBE’s Michelin-starred vegan menus and award-winning cookery masterclasses in Oxfordshire, vegan dishes served on the rails of the legendary Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, zero-waste dinners championing fashionably rejected ingredients in Cape Town and an Asian feast for the senses.


Enjoy exquisite Michelin-starred vegan cuisine at the culinary-pioneering Belmond Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons with a wonderfully colourful five or seven-course vegan tasting menu featuring freshly grown ingredients from the hotel gardens. For those looking to discover more on this food phenomenon, Raymond Blanc OBE introduces Vegan masterclasses at the hotel’s award-winning Raymond Blanc Cookery School from 5th March 2019. A champion of sustainability, zero-waste and placing seasonal produce at the heart and soul of his cuisine, the masterclasses are a chance to explore the secrets of Raymond’s adventurous recipes. Prices for a full day vegan cookery class start from £365 or approximately IDR7,000,000 per person. To book or for more information visit or call 0845 077 2222.


For the first time, the legendary Venice Simplon-Orient-Express unveils new vegan menus for the 2019 season, curated by the train’s Chef du Cuisine, Christian Bodiguel. The Michelin-style vegan menus take inspiration from the trains’ iconic route that journeys through Europe’s greatest cities, Venice, Paris and Istanbul and champions local produce from each destination. Dishes include; Purple Potato Gnocchi Sautéed with Morels and Almond Milk, Crisp Seasonal Vegetables with Coriander and Panko Breadcrumbs on a bed of Black and White Quinoa and Coconut and finishes with Tropical Fruit Panna Cotta. Prices for a one-night journey from Venice to London start from £2,200 or approximately IDR41,200,000 per person and include all table d’hote meals. To book or for more information visit or call 0845 077 2222.


Wasted! at the Chef's Table - a culinary concept at Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel celebrates the unwanted and fashionably rejected parts of fruits and vegetables used in the kitchen, perfectly capturing the kitchen's philosophy of sustainability. Chef Rudi Liebenberg and his team have created a five-course menu, with each dish made solely from unwanted ingredients and offering a vegan menu of delicious discovery. Cauliflower and broccoli stalks become atjar, cordials are made from ginger trimmings and buchu, fruit rinds are made into jams and preserves, carrot tops are transformed into pesto and lettuce leaves and charred leeks become delightful cold soups. Prices for Wasted! At Chefs Table start from 370 Rand or IDR400,000 per person.


At the newly opened Belmond Cap Juluca, barefoot luxury embraces healthy indulgence. Over a quarter of the menus feature vegan cuisine with many ingredients grown in the Chefs Garden using nutritious compost from locally sourced seaweed. Overlooking the turquoise water’s edge on one of the Caribbean’s best beaches, guests of ‘Cip’s by Cipriani’ restaurant can savour a rainbow of freshly picked garden vegetables on a bed of quinoa with grapes and mint by day, then move on to the fashionable new Maundays Club where service turns to sophisticated Peruvian tapas as reggae music fills the night air and cocktails flow. Prices for a Deluxe Beachfront King room start from £568 or approximately IDR10,630,000 per night based on two people sharing, including breakfast. For more information visit or call 0845 077 2222.


Encompassing the destination’s vast array of gourmet highlights and nestled among sprawling cashew and coconut groves, Belmond Napasai offers a taste sensation in a tropical paradise where the ocean is never far from view. The vegan menu features lively flavours including Soy Laarb and Julienne Vegetables & Wakame Salads, Por Pia Thod and a vegan take on traditional Pad Thai and delicious Thai curries. Adding to the authentic flavours, many ingredients are grown in the hotel’s secret garden including, Kaffir leaves, basil, lemongrass, parsley, galangal, pea flowers and winged beans. Prices start from £216 or approximately IDR4,050,000 per night based on two people sharing, including breakfast. To book or for more information visit or call 0845 077 2222.


About Belmond Ltd. Belmond Ltd. is a global collection of exceptional hotel and luxury travel adventures in some of the world’s most inspiring and enriching destinations. Established 40 years ago with the acquisition of Belmond Hotel Cipriani in Venice, the Company owns and operates 46 unique and distinctive hotel, rail and river cruise experiences in many of the world’s most celebrated destinations. From city landmarks to intimate resorts, the collection includes Belmond Grand Hotel Europe, St. Petersburg; Belmond Copacabana Palace, Rio de Janeiro; Belmond Maroma Resort & Spa, Riviera Maya; and Belmond El Encanto, Santa Barbara. Belmond also encompasses safaris, eight luxury tourist trains including the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, three river cruises and ‘21’, one of New York’s most storied restaurants.

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